Our Boarding Kennels

South Colton, New York Dog Boarding Kennel

We currently own twenty racing Siberian Huskies, so we understand the care your pet deserves. Our on-site kennel manager Tammy will interact with your pup multiple times each day, and we will do our best to make sure your pet’s visit is memorable and they will be excited to return. To our knowledge, we have a 100 percent return rate. If any client is not satisfied with their experience at Call of the Wild Boarding Kennel, we want to know!

Pricing Details Below

Our kennel sizes are nearly DOUBLE that of the average boarding facilities. Plus, we provide elevated beds to keep your pets comfortable, and every suite offers private access to a shaded outdoor grassed area where your pet can run free, exercise and play to their heart’s content.

Our Standards Are a Little … Different

For all of our canine guests, we provide:

Private & shaded grassy areas accessible from every kennel suite to allow all-day play & exercise!

Secure, 6-foot fencing + a galvanized fencing suite for chewers

**Please inform our staff if your pets are chewers or have other habits we should be aware of!

Small, Medium and Large sized elevated beds

Convenient drop-off/pick-up scheduling with our on-site kennel manager, Tammy

Clean indoor kennels and runs that are power-washed & disinfected

“Quiet Suites” available for companions who relax better with less noise

Multiple interactions every day

Meet Tammy!

Tammy is our onsite kennel manager. She enjoys interacting with your best friend, and she welcomes potential clients to tour our kennel suites prior to booking your dog into our facility. Just call to set up a viewing appointment.

Enjoy your human vacation while your canine family members enjoy a doggie vacation of their own!


We Strive to Set the Standard for Boarding Kennels.

Our facility includes 8 spacious, secure & comfortable kennel suites. Every suite has the same level of quality when it comes to the amenities, however the size of the suites varies depending on the size and number of dogs. Our largest suites can fit up to 3 medium sized dogs or 4 small toy dogs. We also have kennels situated so that dogs that relax better with less noise can have a quieter experience in our “Quiet Suites” while dogs who might enjoy having neighbors can be kept near each other. Each suite has access to an outdoor garden area, however dogs will be secured at night in their indoor kennel.

1 Dog

$25 per suite/ per day

2 Dogs

$35 per suite/ per day

* Multiple dogs from the same family homes can kennel together! Depending on their size, our larger suites can accommodate 3 medium size dogs or 4 toy dogs. REQUEST A QUOTE

Our Location

3019 State Highway 56

South Colton NY, 13687

Drop Off / Pick Up Hours

7 Days Per Week

7:00 AM – 6:00 PM

*Please Call Ahead to Schedule Arrivals and Departures



All dogs must have had their shots prior to boarding with us. You will need to provide proof of shots/treatments required, along with vet book showing documentation for:

  • Distemper (annual “combo” or “booster” or D2PPL) within the last year
  • Rabies vaccination – 1 or 3 yearly in accordance with local laws
  • Kennel cough “Bordetella” vaccination within the last 6 months
  • Tick vaccine recommended


All dogs are checked carefully for fleas upon arrival and will be treated if they have any signs of fleas. A charge of $45 will apply for treatment. Please apply Frontline/Advantage (or similar) to your dog at least 10 days before boarding.


Please deworm your dog 7 days prior to boarding, using either Panacur or Drontol (or equivalent).


Please note that in the case of a veterinary emergency, your dog will be taken to our personal vet unless instructed otherwise. All vet costs will be added to client’s account.

Recommendations for What to Bring

Dog Food

This is a must so your dog will have a consistent diet

Dog Treats

Human T-Shirt

Unwashed to retain your scent



Meds (if needed)

Please provide written instructions regarding frequency and dosages