About Us

South Colton Dog Boarding Kennel

We’ve got more than 35 years of experience caring for canines. Our boarding kennel facility is managed by a trusted on-site kennel manager.


Lover of Dogs

Meet Our Kennel Staff

Our kennel manager Tammy is a veteran dog caregiver who cares for all of our boarding dogs plus twenty racing Siberian Huskies. She loves what she does, and we love that!

She’s a natural lover of dogs and a master of playtime, dinner time & snuggling. She administer any medications your companion might need while you’re away. She’ll treat your best friend just like her own!

We Understand the Important of Socializing with Your Best Friend in Your Absence.

About the Owners

Meet Spence & Carolyn

Spence & Carolyn Thew are the owners of Call of the Wild.

Carolyn has cared for her own personal pets for more than 35 years. According to Spence, she totally spoils her best friends.

For more than 35 years, Spence has raced his Siberian Huskies all over the North American continent, from South Colton to Alaska. He has raced many 250 to 500 mile races and completed the 1160 mile Iditarod. When on the trail, he needs to maintain the health and nutrition of his dogs or maybe not return.

Spence & Carolyn Thew

Owners & Dog Lovers

Our 660 acre property is also home to other fun activities!

Call of the Wild Sled Dog Tours

Visit the racing Siberian Huskies at Call of the Wild Kennels. Tours are available with a side by side in spring and fall. There are many varied tours in winter with sleds. Group meetings are held at the heated pavilion where Spencer discusses the history of the Siberian Husky and then shares his mushing experiences in North America.

Club Rocky Top Rustic Camping

There is rustic camping on the property to include a cabin, platform tent and rustic campsite. Visitors can hike or cross country ski on our 14 miles of trails. There are many varieties of wildlife to observe from two elevated observation towers.